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We regularly commission research studies to produce white papers to help our existing and
prospective investors stay up-to-date and informed on the market and CRED sector.

Take a look at our latest white papers.

Private debt on the rise as investors look for income and dial down risk

Australian investors have a longstanding love affair with property. But can it go on forever?

As traditional real estate investment trusts have faced a storm of volatile pricing, and residential property yields are compressed by high purchase prices, what alternatives are there?

Our newest white paper delves into the dynamics of the fast-growing private lending market, and what’s driving it.

CRED to provide shelter from inflation

As inflation rises and interest rates increase globally, much commentary is focused on the negative impacts that may flow from such conditions.

While Australia is not immune from the challenges facing economies around the world, our white paper outlines the remarkable resilience of the Australian real estate market and the different ways that investors can seek exposure to it, including via CRED.

CRED can provide investors with opportunities to benefit from its non-correlated risk and return profile and may be a potential safe harbour in the midst of a global inflation storm.

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Rethinking risk and return

In this white paper, we explore how the pandemic has prompted a significant shift in investment appetite towards value and away from growth.

The research shows that as low cash rates, market volatility and economic uncertainty continued in 2021, it caused an increased appetite for borrowers and investors alike for alternative lending.

For investors, a key attraction of investing in CRED is that it provides exposure to the property sector, but without the potential volatility of listed Real Estate Investment Trusts.

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Fundamental themes transforming the lending landscape since 2017

These different forces are playing out in headlines and across a range of stakeholders.

When the banks tightened the screws on credit, what options are available for quality borrowers wishing to explore alternatives to traditional financing avenues?

Read the full discussion paper to understand how non-bank lending became that viable alternative.

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