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CEO’s Update: Welcome to 2024

For Zagga, the year has begun, much like it ended, with a spate of activity. It was very pleasing, during the final quarter of 2023, to see several extended loans discharging, offering an opportunity for investors to re-cycle their money into fresher opportunities. We look forward to this trend continuing through 2024, as the industry implements solves for the various factors that caused these delays.

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CEO’s Update: Wrapping up 2023

At Zagga, we are pleased to have successfully navigated the turbulent waters of the past 12 months… We close 2023 with a sense that economic and market conditions overall will start to improve, with some sunlight now peeking through the clouds… We look forward to the continued support of all of our stakeholders as we sail into 2024. We are ready for whatever the conditions might be.

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Reflecting on Zagga’s journey since 2017

As we look to build on the foundations established since 2017 and to grow our business, we remain committed, not only to sourcing top quality alternative investment options from our accredited borrower clients and trusted introducers, but also to innovate and diversify the manner in which these can be structured and delivered to best effect and to meet the expanding requirements of our broad investor base.

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Stepping up for people living with cerebral palsy

This STEPtember, the team at Zagga are proud to be joining a community of over 120,000 Australians moving together to drive meaningful change for people with cerebral palsy. Our aim is to move 10,000 steps – or its equivalent – per team member, per day for the full 30 days! It’ll be a worthwhile challenge knowing we’re fundraising to support people with cerebral palsy.

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Zagga ESG Roundtable

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations have become increasingly important in the investment industry over the past few years. To try and better understand the

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