Our Investment Philosophy as a
boutique investment manager

We will not compromise on credit quality!

How we invest

As a boutique investment manager we present risk-mitigated investment opportunities for our investors through facilitating the funding of high-quality loans.

These loans are originated, funded and managed via the Zagga platform and each loan comes with its own specific loan term, risk level and rate of return.

Investors who invest directly have their funds deployed into the specific opportunity in which they have selected, giving them a fractional participation in the loan.

Dedicated sub-trust structures

Every loan is housed in a dedicated sub-trust structure which holds the security property on behalf of the specific investors in the loan. This structure is insolvency remote and prevents any co-mingling of loans or securities.

There is no cookie-cutter approach and we will not compromise on credit quality.

Each lending transaction undergoes rigorous credit assessment and due diligence.
Loan approvals are based on:

Strength of the Borrower

While we put strong emphasis on the underlying security property, we ensure we are dealing with a quality Sponsor with a strong track record, and who also has the capacity to personally guarantee the loan should an enforcement situation materialise.

Quality of the Lending Transaction

We assess each loan both on its own specific merits and also within the overarching economic environment. The transaction needs to stack-up when considered in its entirety. We take great care to ensure the transaction we are funding meets all quality control requirements, has the best prospects of success, and is attractive to our investors.

Security Type and Location

We pay close attention to the nature of the security property, its location in proximity to major facilities and infrastructure, as well as relative values for similar security properties nearby.

Our lending due diligence will also take into account factors including, overall property market dynamics and market prospects.


Create a more balanced investment portfolio and increase returns by investing in individual loans that meet your risk and return preferences.

Via a Fund

Earn regular income and portfolio diversification opportunities without the need to personally scrutinise each and every individual loan opportunity.

Direct or Fund?

Choosing the preferred option really comes down to:

How much time you wish to spend searching for, and looking at, the opportunities
Your investment strategy - do you prefer to target specific transactions, or invest across a diversified range?

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