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As a boutique lender with discretionary capital to invest, Zagga is committed to building lasting relationships and providing tailored solutions which turn our partners’ visions into reality.

We understand that every property transaction is different.

At Zagga, all loans are assessed on the strength of the borrower and each loan transaction on its individual merit.

Transaction-specific, risk-based lending rates and transparent pricing

Flexible and bespoke terms and conditions

Property based, asset focused lending processes

Reshaping the lending landscape

When the banks tightened the screws on credit, what options are available for quality borrowers wishing to explore alternatives to traditional financing avenues? Read the full discussion paper to understand how non-bank lending became that viable alternative.


Our loans


  • Purchase or refinance
  • Rennovation
  • Bridging


  • Residential 
  • Commercial


  • Cashflow and working capital finance
  • Equipment finance
  • Trade finance
  • Inventory finance

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Business partner

We can assist with:

land-bank finance with interest capitalised or paid monthly

site acquisition against improved valuations achieved through rezoning/planning approvals

progressively-drawn construction finance to help meet construction contingency, project management, capitalised interest and the marketing /sales campaign

equity release to the developer to access higher-value projects or provide bridging finance across multiple assets

refinance and recapitalisation of development residual stock to clear construction loans, release equity or to facilitate an extended sales campaign.

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