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Interest rates pressured by inflation as the economy slows

The past month was dominated by news of weaker economic growth, a still fragile labour market and an upward blip in inflation. There was no surprise when RBA left interest rates steady at 4.35 per cent after its June meeting, meaning there has been no policy change since the last rate hike in November 2023.

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Credit, investment and property risk outlook – June 2024

The Australian property market continues to deliver stable results in most jurisdictions despite the higher cost of living currently being experienced by many Australians… The construction sector remains tight with pressure on supply-chains relating to materials and labour evident, however we are seeing trends suggesting we are at, or very close to, the top of the price-hiking cycle.

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Unemployment rises and the economy remains weak

Markets are volatile. Weak economic conditions and falling inflation has rekindled expectations of interest rates cuts in Australia and much of the industrialised world in coming months… The next readings on inflation and unemployment will be critical in the timing of those cuts.

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Credit, investment and property risk outlook

NSW continues to grapple with a significant housing shortage. Economic forecasts project a substantial increase in population over the next five years, further exacerbating the current housing situation… Looking forward, we remain buoyed by the market opportunity for us to fund many future projects.

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Interest rates are still expected to fall,
but RBA says ‘not yet’

While there remain reason to be cautiously optimistic about the outlook for the economy later in 2024, the RBA needs confirmation that inflation is tracking towards the mid-point of its 2 to 3 per cent before moving to cut rates. This is likely to come the next quarter or two as the current sluggish growth dampens the pricing power of business and with that inflation is driven lower.

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Credit update and outlook

As we approach the end of the interest rate rising cycle, we are seeing various indicators stabilise, including building materials, supplies, and stock. This is a positive sign that the market is adjusting, and we are closely monitoring these trends.

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2024 Economic Forecast

“It’s going to be a tough first half of 2024, I think, for the economy. But when we get to the second half, the tax cuts that we’re hearing so much about, will come through. If we get interest rate cuts and inflations under control, then the second half of 2024 will be a better year for the economy. And we could even have a pretty strong outlook for 2025.”

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