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Private credit improves SMSF portfolios

SMSF investors can access private credit opportunities through the Zagga CRED fund, which is a unitised version of the Zagga Feeder Fund. The underlying investments for the offering are high-quality, mortgaged-secured loans in the commercial real estate sector.

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Could this be the answer to the housing crisis?

Australia is still in the midst of a housing crisis. House prices have risen for 15 consecutive months. Rents are soaring. Demand is outstripping supply. Alan Greenstein talks to Sean about the potential for private credit to make a difference to the housing crisis.

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New unitised private debt fund released

Boutique investment manager and non-bank lender Zagga has launched its initial unitised private debt fund aimed at providing investors with access to an asset class that can operate as a hedge against the rising interest rates currently pervading the Australian economy.

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Zagga launches unitised CRED fund in response to adviser demand

Boutique investment manager and non-bank lender Zagga has announced the launch of its inaugural unitised private debt fund, the Zagga CRED Fund (ZCF). According to the firm, given the asset class’ ability to serve as a robust hedge against rising interest rates, the fund presents as a compelling alternative for advisers aiming to increase their clients’ allocation to private debt in the current inflationary climate.

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