Remarkably Resilient:

Australian Real Estate in an Age of Inflation

What investors need now is shelter from inflation...

In a global economy defined by uncertainty, many investors are seeking downside protection for their money. 

But does the expression ‘safe as houses’ still ring true? Can investors bank on real estate for stability, income and downside protection?

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Debt as a defensive strategy

While Australia is not immune from the challenges facing economies around the world, our white paper outlines the remarkable resilience of the Australian real estate market and the different ways that investors can seek exposure to it, including via Commercial Real Estate Debt (CRED).

CRED is an increasingly popular way to not only gain access to real estate, with different risk and return characteristics to simply owning an asset, but also to provide investors with opportunities to benefit from its non-correlated risk and return profile. Taken together, these factors suggest that the CRED asset class may be a potential safe harbour in the midst of a global inflation storm. 

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