Reflecting on Zagga’s journey since 2017

Six years ago, we embarked on a journey to redefine investment possibilities for investors with high bank deposit balances (as a proportion of their overall investment portfolio), by giving them access to CRED-focused alternative investment opportunities, presented transparently as annuitised investments.

This was motivated by our belief that investors (especially ageing investors and self-managed super fund trustees) need reliable income, meaning that they need higher exposure to fixed and variable rate investment products as opposed to higher concentration in equities, which are notoriously volatile and subject to timing risk.

Since our inaugural loan investment in 2017, we have convincingly demonstrated to our investors the value of incorporating CRED investments into their portfolios. These investments represent an alternative, non-correlated option – a middle ground, so to speak – to conventional equity markets. They can be a solid hedge against inflation. They deliver determinable, consistent cash returns that surpass, sometimes materially, the interest rates offered by traditional bank deposits, without a commensurate increase in risk.

Our commitment to this alternative investment approach has been confirmed by its increasing inclusion in many investment portfolios, often as the cornerstone of a defensive investment strategy, and the burgeoning popularity of the CRED-sector – both for investors seeking returns and borrowers seeking an alternative funding source to traditional banks.

As we look to build on the foundations established since 2017 and to grow our business, we remain committed, not only to sourcing top quality alternative investment options from our accredited borrower clients and trusted introducers, which align with the financial objectives and risk profile of our investor clients, but also to innovate and diversify the manner in which these can be structured and delivered to best effect and to meet the expanding requirements of our broad investor base.

Our mission is to deliver regular, determinable, conservative returns consistently and reliably over successive years, which when viewed in the rear-view mirror, represent strong compounded returns at very low risk. The protection of our clients’ investment capital is the driving force behind this mission and their trust and confidence in our ability to achieve this, demonstrated by their increasing support, is the fuel that energises us to consistently strive to do this better every day.

~ Alan Greenstein
CEO & Co-Founder

This article is for information purposes only. It does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Any opinion expressed in this article are of the author and is subject to change without notice. Readers are reminded to exercise caution and use their own judgment when interpreting and applying the information contained in this article.

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