Zagga Retains Superior Rating by SQM

Independent ratings house, SQM Research (SQM) has again awarded a Four-star ‘Superior’ investment grade rating to the Zagga Investments Lending Trust (ZILT), managed by Zagga Investments Pty Limited (Zagga).

In SQM's view

The risk level of the Zagga Investments Lending Trust is low

ZILT is of a high investment grade and has an appreciable potential to outperform over the medium-to-long term

Levels of investment experience and company tenure are strong across the investment team

The good spread of loans by size “mitigates the risk of loss that would otherwise arise from a smaller number of large defaults”

The practice of constant communication and inclusion of team members in decision-making is a vital ingredient to the success of Zagga’s credit decisioning and investment management process.

The strengths of ZILT

The rate of return to investors on each loan is published in advance

Investors receive income as it is earned with real time reporting of the performance of the loan book

Operates on a sophisticated software platform that enables fractionalised investment risk and a customised return profile for individual investors

Each investor is secured by the mortgage and therefore secured for their fractional interest in the security

Management fees are only charged on successful receipt of principal and interest on each loan, not on invested FUM.

"Zagga Investments Lending Trust targets net return in excess of those typically achieved from traditional commingled fixed interest, term deposits, enhanced cash or credit managed funds."

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