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Attractive returns with your choice of risk level

Fund creditworthy borrowers and receive the returns you want by making your money work harder for you now.

By investing through our marketplace, you:

  • invest in a higher-yield alternative asset class, secured by a registered mortgage over the borrower’s real property
  • invest in approved loans to creditworthy borrowers
  • can invest in the full loan amount, or in a fractional share of the loan together with other investors – the choice is yours
  • can receive regular monthly cashflow for the duration of the loan term, subject to the terms of the investment
  • can diversify your investment portfolio yet retain absolute control over which loan, how much and what borrower types to fund.

Simple. Fast. Secured.


Straightforward, online process

Once you’ve registered with us as a wholesale investor, investing is easy. Simply follow the process to complete your eligibility and investor profile. We will send you alerts as soon as there are loans that match your stated investment requirements.


Seamless matching with automated alerts

We will automatically match your investor risk profile to any approved loan that fits your stated criteria. You will be sent an electronic or mobile alert with access to the relevant loan details for review so you can decide whether or not to proceed with the investment opportunity.

You may accept the investment, opt out of participating, increase or decrease the amount of your proposed investment in the loan, or even elect to fund the full loan amount.

This systemised matching and alert:

  • removes the need for you to search through a marketplace of loans to find one that matches your preferences
  • standardises the timing of settlement for borrowers and commencement of investment for investors
  • means you don’t waste your time on loans that do not meet your stated investment risk and return objectives.


A registered mortgage over every loan

  • All loans are secured by a registered mortgage over real property
  • Each mortgage is individually registered in the name of Zagga Investments as trustee for the Zagga Investments Lending Trust, and each investor is recorded as a beneficiary for their fractional share of the loan and underlying security
  • Your investment funds are deposited into a dedicated trust account used specifically for funding the loan to which you were matched.


  • You can invest in anything from 10% to 100% of a loan, depending on your investment risk appetite and other investors’ interests
  • Fractionalisation allows you to control your exposure to risk and to diversify your portfolio by investing smaller amounts across a variety of borrower types, loan purposes and terms
  • It also means that your fractional interest in both the loan and the security, is recorded in your name within the Trust that holds each registered mortgage
  • Your investment funds are not pooled; they are allocated specifically and exclusively to the loans to which you were matched and committed to fund.