Housing challenges and solutions: A current outlook

We recently shared news that our very own, Frank Hageali, Zagga’s Director, Property & Risk, has been appointed a member of the Property Council of Australia’s NSW Precincts Committee.

The Property Council of Australia’s national and state jurisdictions drive the agenda for specific issues relevant to the industry, and work with Division Councils to help inform and implement the Council’s advocacy agenda.

As part of this new appointment, we asked Frank to share insights on the topics dominating media headlines: housing challenges, affordability issues, construction challenges and effects of inflation.

A current outlook

The echoes of a housing crisis, concerns around affordability, high construction costs, and the spectres of inflation have become commonplace topics of discussion right across Sydney. These issues resonate deeply within the community, reflecting the challenges faced by individuals and families in securing suitable housing solutions.

Amidst this backdrop, we commend the efforts of the state government in proposing various strategies to address housing shortages across both metropolitan and regional areas. These initiatives signal a recognition of the urgency of the situation and a commitment to finding viable solutions.

However, for developers and builders, navigating the complex planning process remains a very real challenge. Achieving outcomes that align with policies while meeting reasonable projected returns and feasibility requires astute decision-making. Central to this challenge is the selection of the right delivery team, encompassing professionals who possess a deep understanding of construction dynamics and the intricate nuances associated with project delivery. Among these essential team members, financiers play a pivotal role in facilitating the realisation of development objectives.

At Zagga, we continue to uphold a steadfast commitment to rigorous risk assessment and proactive project management.

By maintaining close relationships with industry stakeholders, we remain attuned to evolving challenges and opportunities within the property development landscape. Our dedication to supporting borrowers and investors alike underscores investor-led mission to facilitate successful outcomes with efficiency and reliability.

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