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Introducing Zagga

  • Invest securely
    Borrow simply

    Why zig when you can Zagga?

  • We offer
    secured loans
    from $500,000

  • Straight-forward, convenient
    and transparent process

  • Invest in an
    asset class

  • Borrow or fund loans for any purpose

Introducing Zagga



Make your funds work harder for you by investing in a higher-yield, alternative asset class.
Investing is simple, secured and flexible. And you'll always retain absolute choice and control over your investment preferences.

  • Interest rates from 5.74% to 13.09%
  • Loans secured against borrowers' assets, typically a 1st mortgage over property
  • Individuals, companies and trusts can lend
  • Lend from as low as $1,000 and still enjoy great returns
  • Borrowers are rigourously checked before loans are published

You can choose to lend the full amount of a loan, just a portion, or you can invest across multiple loans to spread your risk

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We understand unique situations.
Our flexible lending criteria, coupled with larger loan sizes, means we can help more borrowers. Fast.

  • Interest rates from as low as 6.64%
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Flexible lending criteria
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • No penalties for early repayment

Borrow from $25,000 - $2 million. These are amounts that can make a real difference to your life or your business

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Read our white papers on the changing environment of investment

Explore the current investment trends, what's shaping our lending environment to date, the impact on all market participants, and understand why a new approach is needed.

The Creation of An Alternative Asset Class Reshaping The Lending Lanscape

What is marketplace lending?

Marketplace lending, sometimes also referred to as peer to peer lending, is a lending arrangement that enables investors (funders) to fund borrowers via an online platform (the marketplace) without the involvement of traditional financial institutions like banks.

Why us?

We're different to the banks and traditional lenders

Zagga is more


For borrowers

  • It's easier to apply for a loan through Zagga - our application and assessment process is simple, convenient and transparent
  • We will take the time to understand your situation and borrowing needs, and will provide you with options

For wholesale investors

  • Eligible wholesale investors can fund loans to creditworthy borrowers; we can effectively match you to borrowers and loan types based on your stated investment risk preferences and objectives
  • You can achieve a regular income with higher returns on a secured investment

We're different to other marketplace lenders

All our loans

are secured by property


  • All loans are secured by a registered mortgage over real property


  • We can offer loan sizes from $500,000 for all acceptable purposes
  • We're flexible and transparent - we assess each loan application on its merits and will take the time to understand your unique situation


  • Our process is fast – provided all required documentation is provided upfront and in a timely manner, we can process your application and provide you with an answer promptly. The more information you supply, the quicker our response will be.
  • We can match borrowers with investors instantaneously and seamlessly. No missed opportunities here and no unwanted offers
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Invest securely. Borrow simply. We can help you realise your financial goals by providing you with a secured, simple and fast alternative.

Join our marketplace on an obligation-free basis; the process is simple and fast, and it takes no more than a few minutes of your time.

How it works

  • We provide a platform to seamlessly match the credit risk of approved borrowers, to the investment risk preferences of registered investors
  • Matched investors can access all relevant loan information before committing to fund the loan
  • All loans are secured, at a minimum, by a registered mortgage over real property. The interest rate is determined using the Zagga Credit Assessment Score, by a combination of our detailed credit assessment, the loan amount and value against the security property (LVR)
  • Our flexible lending criteria and ability to cater for larger loan sizes, means we can help more borrowers, while still offering strong, risk-mitigated returns to investors.

Detailed credit assessment

on every loan

The process is simple


  • create an account
  • provide your details
  • confirm investor eligibility and complete investment profile
  • notification of investment opportunity
  • log in and review loan information
  • choose to fund all or part of loan
  • investment amount confirmed
  • transfer funds


  • create an account
  • provide your details
  • verify your identity
  • complete a loan application form
  • provide supporting documents
  • credit assessment and valuation
  • loan offer and acceptance
  • document issuance
  • register security
  • get funded