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How to introduce loans to Zagga

  • create an account and provide your details for accreditation
Register your client
  • as a borrower
  • provide required consents and acknowledgements
  • on behalf of your client by completing a loan application
  • upload supporting documents
  • credit assessment and valuation
  • loan offer and acceptance by your client
  • document issuance
  • we register the security
  • your client gets funded
  • we pay you an upfront fee

Why Zagga?

We understand that every loan matters because it has the potential to create a home, build a business or achieve a dream. Our marketplace and flexible offering is uniquely positioned to provide you with that extra alternative you need to help your clients.

Our proprietary technology platform (with custom-built credit assessment algorithm) seamlessly matches registered investors to the credit risk of approved borrowers. This has meant that quality borrowers can get the funding that banks can’t provide, with a simpler, faster and more transparent borrowing process.

We offer fast, simple and flexible borrowing for multiple loan purposes provided there is real property to use as security. All our interest rates are risk-based, transaction-specific and completely transparent.

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Common questions about the Zagga platform

Minimum & Maximum loan size

Minimum $500,000

Maximum $10M+

Minimum & Maximum loan term

Minimum 6 months

Maximum 5 years

Fixed or variable interest rates?

Fixed for full term of loan

Are the loans secured?

We take a first mortgage over real property against all loans underwritten.

Other income-producing credit-related assets may be considered as additional security on a case-by-case basis.

Acceptable loan purpose?

We can lend for a wide range of loan purposes from residential, commercial, business and construction/development provided there is real property to provide as first mortgage security.

We are also able to lend to Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) -approved borrowers.

Loan set up fees and other fees

Zagga charges a one-off Platform Fee to the borrower when their loan application has been approved and is fully-funded at settlement.

The Platform Fee is between 1% to 3.5% of the total approved loan amount and is dependent on the borrower’s Zagga Credit Assessment Score which is an alpha-numeric grading system made up of the borrower’s credit history and the LVR.

What referral fees do you pay to introducers?

We pay our introducers an upfront fee for any loan introductions that result in successful approval and funding of the loan. The % fee is dependent on the loan size, purpose and strength of the borrower, but is usually around 1% of the total approved loan amount.

Turn around time (end to end process of loan)

Our process is fast provided all required documentation is provided upfront and in a timely manner. As an example, we were able to settle on our first two loans (totalling $9M) within a week from date of application.