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What you can borrow for


What you can borrow for

Borrow for any legitimate purpose

If we can register a mortgage over real property, we can offer loans from $500,000 to $10 million or more. We have committed investors ready and willing to fund a wide range of purposes from property purchase to commercial development, construction, business, trade and commercial finance and more.

Why borrow through Zagga?

  • We understand your unique situation
  • Risk-based interest rates; the lower the risk, the cheaper the rate
  • Flexible lending criteria
  • A convenient online service that gets you started quickly and easily
  • Straightforward application and settlement process
  • We help makes things simpler, more flexible and less stressful for you.

Say goodbye to arduous processes and slow processing times you may have experienced in the past. We never pigeonhole borrowers; we understand each situation is unique and will provide you with options.

Join and register with us as a borrower, apply for a loan and see for yourself just how quickly we can match you with committed investors ready to fund your loan.

We can lend for a wide range of purposes

Here are just some of the loan purposes that we can accept. Please bear in mind that all loans are subject to terms and conditions of which you need to make yourself aware and understand in full:


  • Residential purchase or refinance
  • Commercial purchase or refinance
  • Renovation
  • Bridging Finance


  • Cashflow finance
  • Equipment finance
  • Trade finance
  • Inventory finance
  • Working capital finance
  • Bridging finance

Construction and development

  • Residential
  • Commercial