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Investment rates and fees


Investment rates and fees

Investment rates

Zagga offers registered investors a broad range of investment returns depending on the Zagga Credit Assessment Score and the risk profile of each loan which the investor chooses to fund. We expect our loans to offer an average return of 8.0% p.a.

Please note that Zagga accepts only wholesale investors for registration as investors and that all investments carry some degree of risk; generally higher rates of return are associated with higher risk of loss of capital invested or investment returns.

For more information regarding the risks of investing via the Zagga marketplace, refer to the FAQs – Invest.

Loan Management Fee

Investors are charged a Loan Management Fee of between 0.5% to 1.95% per annum of their fractional share of the outstanding principal balance on each loan and is dependent of the Zagga Credit Assessment Score. This fee is charged by Zagga for managing borrowers' repayments and administering accounts on behalf of the investors.

For more information regarding the Loan Management Fee, please refer to FAQs – Invest/What fees do I pay?